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Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this forum - it’s been great to read up on the vehicle while making a purchase decision and being prepared for any issues!

Just picked up my new iPace this weekend!

2020 iPace HSE in Silicon Silver

- Ordered in April, and just took delivery this week.
- Car looks and drives great, unfortunately I hit the infotainment issues within 48 hours:

~50mi - I started setting up all the other InControl features:
- Setup “Live” apps account
- Created HERE account for maps
86mi - Apple CarPlay won’t connect reliably
108mi - Infotainment and Climate touch panels go black
139mi - Traction Battery Fault Detected message on dashboard
180mi - SUCCESSFUL Infotainment reboot by pulling fuses and letting car sit for 20 minutes

Since my infotainment problems started after setting up all the other connected features, the locked up infotainment may have just been a mix of software glitches.

I’m planning to try driving for a few weeks without trying anything other than CarPlay to see things hold up.

Other Notes:
I did setup a temporary account on Topix to double check the Jaguar service manuals so I could cross check the fuses on the Quiescent Current Module in the rear trunk area, and a big thanks to other forum members who posted details on diagnostics too. Confirming that trying the fuses might help to reboot the system was helpful!

One other giveaway that the computers weren’t rebooting normally is that the hazard button light stays lit on the dash when things are still “awake”. Checking the status of the hazard light is check that something isn’t shutting down according to current leak detection process for the vehicle detailed in Jaguar’s low battery diagnosis checklist.

After I did the infotainment reboot by pulling the fuses, the hazard button light now goes off after about 10 minutes once the car has been locked which helps to reinforce that the computers are shutting down properly now.

I added a post in the problems/issues area with some notes I typed up as well:

I owned Teslas in the past so little things like rebooting the infotainment is minor by comparison. :grin2:


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