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We all know the navigation system is slow to boot, slow to route and update. But has anyone else noticed how often it seems to crash and restart? I have seen this after it starts up and from me simply switching the driver console display to full size map, from trying to select a destination, after it routes and I press start.

The symptoms are the same, the nav display in center console goes blank or back to I Pace picture, the Nav doesn't launch when selected from infotainment.

Not to keep repeating the infotainment issues but this one is particularly egregious considering this can happen WHILE you are navigating. I have never seen this in any other car before.

BTW I am runnnig 18d, and the latest map update did speed up the time it takes to pick a destination and route (before it could take 20 seconds for simple close destinations, now its "only" 4-5 seconds).
I have noticed this also and it absolutely seems related to establishing a Navigation account and that account loading.

Without the "account" established in the car, it doesn't reboot, but with it it seems to reboot at the "end" of the complete car boot up sequence. Which can take a minute or two.

You might try deleting the stored navigation profile , ie this is NOT the car profile, but instaed the one you store specifically for stored places in navigation.
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