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Took the car into Safelite to have some glass replaced due to a break-in. The glass replacement was done well, but the assembly of the various trim pieces around the car were botched pretty horribly. When the summer rolls around I will have to take apart three of the doors to redo the work. They also took apart the frunk and botched that reassembly too. This reminds me of why I simply can't stand to have anyone else work on my vehicles besides myself. Unfortunately as cara become more like advanced computers there is almost no getting around it.

Anyway, I found this little trim piece sitting on the floor mat in the back near the door they were working on. I tried looking up the part number but was only able to find an eBay listing but no info on where it goes. Does anyone else have an idea where it belongs?
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Look at the door panel behind the place where you'd grab the handle/arm rest to close the door. It should be easy to snap it back in. Up where the narrow end attaches to the door.
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