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Hey everyone
Took delivery of my new I-Pace First Edition in late December. Really quite a car.
Today after taking a 30 minute drive and being out to the car for 20 minutes or so we got in and after pressing the start button and selecting drive - NOTHING. No movement in either forward or reverse.
Called customer care and they immediately wanted to send a tow truck. WRONG SOLUTION.
The dealer was the next call and it took three people, none of which really had an answer told me what I as an IT guy have told people over and over - Reboot the car - more like lock it, get away from it so the key fob is out of reach, wait 20 min and try again.
Well it worked but I'm left with a sinking feeling as to future events. Worse, my wife was along for the ride - NOT GOOD.

So anyone experience this issue?
Any ideas to share?

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Try Slow Boot. Unlock car, or if not locked, lock it, wait a few seconds and unlock. When you get in the car, press the ON button for a full second. Now wait for the center console screen to wake up completely. It seems to boot Right to Left, Phone-Media-NAV.

Then put it in D or R when the car is fully awake. This can take anywhere from instantly to perhaps 60 seconds depending on what it's trying load.

But that's odd it didn't move. Normally boot issues only affect the upper and lower center displays, music, and the NAV display on the instrument cluster.

Supposedly a new flash is coming in January.

Many of us have seen hiccups to various degrees, but most owners are reporting they are rare. My latest weird boot was it came up on a Spanish language FM station. It has happened 3 times now in the last 1000 miles. The Non-Start sounds like it choked on the security segment.
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