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Hi all,

While driving (running errands) during a heavy snowfall, I started hearing odd rubbing from the rear wheel. After some searching (I assumed some debris was in the wheel well, or something got bent in the brakes), I realized the little mud flat in front of the passenger side rear wheel got partially ripped out and was rubbing the tire. I assume it got caught while backing out of my driveway an 18" snowbank at the driveway edge from the snow plow (Mr. Plow had not arrived at my driveway yet). Things here have been messy so I have not had a chance to properly rinse off the area, but I did see the parts of the flap that are supposed to go into the holes in the frame, but I cannot tell if they are ok and just need a little prodding to get back in the hole, or the ends were ripped off and I need to replace the flap. I tried to shove it back in, but it won't go all t way, so I don't know if it is broken, needs a special tool to insert the pins, or just more enthusiasm. Anyone have a picture of what they are supposed to look like?

This happened to me after hitting a deep puddle on the roadside. Dealership secured and fixed under warranty. I believe it has been discussed previously a couple of yrs ago.
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