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Separate from vehicle control module updates, there are also the "Live apps" and those can be updated by SOTA too.

What are "Live apps"? This is the collection of software that gives you news, weather, etc., via the touch panel.

I was sitting at a charger and had navigation up plotting the route home. On the right was the split screen where I could pull up the weather, news, media, whatever. I looked at the local weather and touched the reverse arrow at bottom left to exit. I caught a glimpse of a message saying an update is available. Yes, just a glimpse because it didn't pop up as a big message in the middle of the panel. The next panel had several boxes and one of them is "Update". I touched it, as I have done several times, and found there was a 5.5 MB update available. It gave an option to download then or not. I downloaded it.

Upon completion of the download, it said it would install at some "next" time (I didn't capture the wording) and the current version would continue to work.

There was no information about what gets updated.

I just thought I'd share that one should check for updates there too. You can get to the "Live apps" as an option on one of the "Extra Features" panels too, if your vehicle is so equipped.
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