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L2 Portable Charger

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I got this on sale at Amazon for 189.00

reviews seemed decent and I am getting a plug put in the garage. Anyone use this particular cable/charger?
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A lot of Vine (free product) reviews. I am wary of such a device from an unknown manufacturer if I might put 7+ kw through it. I spend some time on an audio forum where they do tear downs, and there are many bad decisions made in electronics designs, decisions that can cause everything from poor performance to shocks to fires.
They claim to meet UL and CSA standards, but I searched on the UL and CSA sitse and cannot find them or their products.
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Sometimes you get what you pay for. Especially with electronics. Sometimes the pricier ones really better. This normally lists for more, so maybe it is higher quality.

I like the simple design and it doesn’t seem bulky. I have the Grizzl-E charger and it works well as a dumb charger.
Sorry but I stick to well recognized charger manufactures that have a HQ in the US or Europe (and preferably made in one of the two as well). Cheaping out on a 7+kWh device that pulls a constant rate for 6-12 hours is a no-go for me.

ChargePoint level 2charger is what I use for the Cat and the Tesla.
You can find used Chevy Volt chargers on eBay all day long for between $150 and $250. You want the version that looks like this:

Cable Gadget Wire Electronic device Electrical supply

They were made by Clipper Creek and were overbuilt to a crazy degree. Some versions have a 120 Volt plug but can be used on 240 with a dongle that can be made for about $20 (that's what I have). Mine as been going strong for almost 8 years as both a travel charger and a home charger. It only pulls 16 amps, but that has been adequate for 99% of uses for me and has the added benefit of being safe when plugged into random outlets when you are traveling.
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