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Jump starting?

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This morning my step son's civic wouldn't start and needed a jump. I'm so used to the procedure I half awake went for my jumper cables and my car. Then I slapped myself to wake up and stared at my I-Pace puzzled. 1. Where is the 12v battery? 2. Can I jump a petro car?

I quickly find the 12v battery, pics below, but questioned if there would be enough juice to jump the Civic. Lucky my neighbor was heading to work and had a battery charger so we jumped it with that no problem.

I started to Google info on the ability to use an electric car's 12v battery to jump a petro car and it seems the consensus are no there is not enough juice.

Anyone have any experience using an electric car to jump a gas car?


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I think its possible, just not advised. I don't know if the 12V system would have enough power to directly crank the dead battery. Might have to wait for the boosted car to have enough juice to turn over on its own.
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