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Jaguar I-Pace 4x OEM Wheel 20” 5070 Split Technical Grey Diamond Turned Finish. Condition is Used, very good condition.

Official listing on Jaguar Website:

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These are the wheels my I-Pace was delivered with. I replaced them with new rims after 1,800 miles to improve aerodynamic profile of the vehicle. This package includes all four wheels for sale as a complete set. These would be perfect for anyone who wish to retain a second set of wheels for winter/summer tires.

Not for sale separately on eBay, but I would be open to offers if people wish to buy them individually.

I was planning to retain these for myself, but having to move from Chicago to California in the new year and do not want to have to ship them with me. Would rather they go to a good home.

These rims are used, in good condition given their relatively short time on the car. No scratches or dents in the alloy. Ready to install with 245/50R20 tires from your choice of manufacturer. Package price includes Kurgo Tire Tote Covers for shipment and your own storage.

Will ship either via FedEx or UPS, or allow for local pickup to avoid shipping cost.
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