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Is anyone getting a discount in the US when ordering an I-Pace?

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Before I request it, wondering if anyone's had luck getting a discount when ordering an I-Pace in the US?
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Thats a tough pill to swallow, but MSRP is what most other people are paying... Actually I have not heard of anyone getting a discount. My Dealer took 3 allocations for their inventory, and those babies are going to have the dreaded "additional dealer markup"

OUCH! When I ordered our FPace, I was the very first guy in Oregon who walked in and plunked down a deposit, and the first guy to get one (besides another who got a FE). When you sign a contract with them and plunk down the money for a given price from the configurator, how can they charge any more? The price is online and right there for everyone to see. Charging more would be super shady, maybe even illegal? I had a price for the FPace, the price was there in black and white (uh full MSRP of course ordering it online and early on) and that's what we paid and we treated like very valued clients. If I order an I-Pace and the dealer says they're going to charge more than the online price I'd tell them where to stick it :mad:. But that's just me. I would fully expect that if I went down to the same salesguy here in Oregon, he'd surely not try and jack me for more cash. A repeat customer is the best thing he could ever hope for.

Going back to those early days of waiting 9 long months for our cherished FPace, no one got any discounts on those either. You don't get discounts until they're sitting and not moving. :|
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