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Is anyone getting a discount in the US when ordering an I-Pace?

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Before I request it, wondering if anyone's had luck getting a discount when ordering an I-Pace in the US?
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I only found MSRP for pre-orders.

If it's any consolation, a Porsche Macan with similar performance (Turbo Macan) and similar build as the First Edition is $98,000, and it has a smaller trunk area.
I would be bad business practice to discount cars without knowing demand.

Sometimes when demand outstrips supply, they mark them up.

Other times, they get a new model and it sits there, unloved, and discount it to move it.

Ordering takes the 'coin toss' factor out of the equation.

I have a hunch that demand in California will outstrip supply until after Dec 31 as people want to claim the tax credit. In 2019Q1, it will be interesting. Tesla will have little to no tax credits left, and create and even bigger gap in pricing.

I could be wrong, but Jaguar has been doing quite a bit of marketing for an EV.

The fact that Tesla Model S/X is selling well, and the i-Pace is cheaper and has more features as well as the Jaguar brand recognition, would lead me to think that some Tesla buyers will cross-shop. This could create a situation where i-Pace demand exceeds supply.
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Not sure what the reality will be, but I've been told by two dealers that my order will not arrive for 12 months.
What state?

Understand a car salesman makes money when they sell you a car today, off the lot. So it is to their benefit to sell you some they have today.
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