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When I get back from a trip and pull into the garage, the doors stay unlocked for eternity. That is normal behavior.
When I then use the new app to lock the car, then unlock it, the car auto-locks if I don't get in it. This takes about 30 seconds.
If I then use my keys to unlock it, it will auto-lock the car after 30 seconds.
So to get expected behavior when I get home, I won't use the lock feature within the app.

The fan still comes on when I plug it in.
I can try and test it out tomorrow but what you are describing is how my MY22 has functioned from the beginning.

The fan is for the battery. Perhaps with the update it adjusted the battery management algorithm and its more aggressive with the fan now. Or perhaps a faulty sensor. Or perhaps you are just noticing it more.

I did not even hear the full Jaguar reverse chime for months (even though I drove it nearly every day). When I finally heard it I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed it before! I really thought it was just beeps.
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