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I've been revisiting some of the settings in the menus to reconsider my original choices.

I had set the display to auto mode, or rather, just left it there, since I don't remember trying the light or dark settings.

I suppose auto sets it to lighter in the daytime and darker at night, but I haven't paid it much attention. It was definitely lighter for the day, for sure.

So I tried the dark setting and it looks great in the daytime! It really finishes off the look, for me. It just looks higher tech and bad, in that good way.

Slight drawbacks are that it obscures the album cover artwork that I like to display, both on the main and secondary screens (although I mostly display it on the lower screen anyway). However, the thumbnail in the main screen pops a lot more against the darker background. (That's for iPhone music, of course.) And text display is very readable, at least as good as before and maybe better. The 'trees' background image is dimmer and more subtle, but like seeing a mystery forest at dusk.

I haven't scrolled through all the menus to see its effect for all of them, but I did like how it changed the My EV display, also. For me, it's a kind of cherry on the top for cool. I have left the map display at automatic so far, but I'll be sure to give that one a try also.

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First thing I did was toggle to dark mode.
I really like it.
I also like the Dynamic Mode graphics in the center display, which I have set to two-dial and media in the middle.
Whenever I drive it I feel like I'm part of the future, maybe even experiencing it right now.

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Yep, I changed mine to Dark Mode all the time as well. It is much cleaner looking overall.
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