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There have been a couple of posts, but not a ton of information out there for this. So here is my take.

The I Pace (2020 with most all the options) is an incredible vehicle. I've already posted how much I like it and I haven't had any problems in 34,000 miles. I drive it in quite a few extreme conditions, including Colorado mountain in the snow, poorly maintained dirt roads, off-roading conditions, etc. It is crazy how good the car is. I have just taken possession of a Rivian R1T, Adventure Trim with the 20" Off Road tires. The Rivian is a crazy cool vehicle and similar to the I Pace in a lot of ways. I kinda feel like they both were designed by a 12 year old that just thought of all the things a vehicle could do and then tried to fit them into one car/truck. Somehow they both pull it off in different ways. There is no clear favorite so far and ultimately I think it will come down to a few things if I had to choose between them.
  1. Proximity to Service (could cut both ways, neither is very convenient but for me they are pretty close)
  2. Need for Longer Range/Driving
  3. Utility. Do you need a hitch, truck bed, larger seating area?
  4. Are you stressed about Rivian not existing in the near future?
  5. Do you like to see out of your headlights in wet snow?
Here is my breakdown by topic:

Driving Character

The I Pace is much more of a car and carves the canyons so well. The Rivian feels all truck. Anyone that says it drives like a car in the mountains, simply hasn't ever driven a sports car in the mountains. It is HEAVY and you can feel it. It might drive like the best truck ever, but definitely a truck. It's ride is pretty stiff regardless of the mode you set it in. While the Rivian is faster, the I Pace feels faster often. The Jag has a more aggressive launch and then tapers off power, while the Rivian is like a big V8 where the power just keeps on pouring in. Both are easy to drive and fun. Note that the I Pace has 10 mph more top speed. I definitely prefer the I Pace for most driving conditions, but I have always been a car guy over trucks for driving experience. The self driving features are very similar, although the Rivian's are probably better.

I've taken both vehicles through snow and pretty technical off-road type conditions. Although the I Pace is shockingly capable, the Rivian is in an entire other world. The I Pace does have some trick software that helps with slow, tight descents or hills that is awesome, but the Rivian is made for this kinda thing and works pretty well.

Snow Conditions

I prefer the I Pace in general road driving in snow. It is just a lot lighter which helps with the steep hills in Colorado and navigating turns at any type of speed. The Rivian is fine getting traction on climbs, etc., but the I Pace with good tires is better in everyday driving. The headlight issue with the Rivian is very concerning to me. I'll see how it goes over time, but I have seen accumulation already on one of the drives. I did have some success waxing the headlight and seeing the snow accumulation diminish.


The I Pace interior is outstanding. The Rivian interior is great. I Pace wins, but not a huge difference. The seats in the I Pace are sweet, the Rivian's are great but not quite as nice. I am not a big screen fan and really like the combination of the screen/button approach of the Jag. I can't imagine these big screen approaches in all these vehicles haven't contributed to accidents. It is quite distracting to have to adjust so many things on a screen vs. just hit a button without having to look down. The interface on the Rivian is instantaneous and the Jags is pretty laggy. Also the HUD is awesome in the Jag and not available in the Rivian. Apple Car Play/Android Auto integration in the Jag is great and doesn't exist in the Rivian. Rivian has Alexa and it works OK, but not nearly as well as the other options. Definitely miss the British accent in the Jag's navigation. The proximity unlocking on the Rivian is awesome. However, it doesn't have the easy entry for the Jag by hitting the button on the handle. Standing next to the Rivian for a few seconds sometimes can be akward.


Both designs are distinctive and I like them equally. The I Pace has always gotten a lot of attention and definitely has that unique, cool factor. Rivians are already everywhere. Great design, but is a much more common vehicle in the US. Crazy how many people pulled the trigger on a $80,000 car and now will be over $100,000 for most builds.


Rivian wins clearly. It is awesome for how much stuff you can carry around and that doesn't even include the bed of the truck. I do a lot of different activities, including dirt bike and mountain biking. I can keep all my gear in the truck at all times without impacting seating, etc. Pretty sweet.

General Utility

Rivian wins this all day long with a truck bed, endless storage, Gear Guard and a HITCH. I really wish the I Pace had a hitch. For the activities I enjoy, the truck is just so much easier to use. This is likely the winning factor for me over the I Pace and why I may have to give up the Jag for the Rivian. Gear guard is sweet for when I have dirt bikes or mountain bikes in the back of the truck. The Jag integrated roof rack works/looks great, but you are losing range and it isn't nearly as convenient as a hitch.

EV Specific Items

Rivian is clearly better. Faster charging. Longer Range. The I Pace is better on battery management for sure and deals with cold really well. It also doesn't seem to have much vampire drain. The Rivian seems to have issues with those items a bit, but I bet the over the air updates solve it over time. Regarding efficiency, sadly they are actually pretty similar. The I Pace is shockingly inefficient compared to a lot of similar sized EVs. So the Rivian doesn't seem so bad and actually was able to get pretty good numbers driving in the CO mountains at 80 mph speeds. Regarding Updates, the Rivian is sending out updates nearly every month that have material effect on how the vehicle operates. It is pretty cool to see the truck get better as you own it. The biggest drawback so far for the Rivian is the regen going on and off during descents due to battery overload. It really throws off your driving, especially in poor conditions. I bet that gets some attention in an update over time. Jag says charge to 100% every day. Rivian says 70% every day. I think that is a reflection of the battery management concepts between the 2.

Both are better at some things over the other. I use the Jag preconditioning frequently and Rivian doesn't have that option. Rivian has an easier interface and is quicker. You can manipulate more stuff on the inside from the app on the Rivian.

Annoying Things
I Pace:
  • Odd glitching on the audio/tech occasionally
  • Slow screen speeds
  • No hitch!!!
  • OEM tires where terrible in the snow
  • JLR seems confused regarding service sometimes and don't have any cars for loaners due to all these shortages.
  • Newer I Pace seems to not have a lot of the stuff the older ones have
  • Flat front needs PPF due to creating a great face for rocks to hit
  • Headlight issues
  • Regen on descents
  • lack of buttons.
  • small build quality issues (although I really have only found 1 very minor thing on mine, but I know others have had issues) Service is very responsive
  • Waiting for bed cover redesign and shipping
  • Waiting for spare tire since they are dedicating all tires to new builds

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That individual wheel drive on the Rivian is a game changer, but I hate the headlights to a degree I wouldn't buy the vehicle. The I-Pace is a much better-looking vehicle and closer to my taste, but I agree both are fantastic cars. Thanks for the write-up, enjoyed the read!
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@Enderle The individual control is great in theory but falls short in real life. In my opinion the Jag does as good of job with one wheel in the air as the Rivian. It will probably improve with updates and reach its potential.

The Rivian app has superior pre-conditioning. I use mine all the time to turn on heated seats and steering wheel and sometimes warm the cabin. Touch the horizontal line above the lightning bolt at the bottom of the screen.

Two things I would add:
1. Our R1T DC fast charges significantly faster that our Ipace. The range for both is plenty, but the slow charging on the Jag limits its usefulness for long trips.
2. Rivian has a plan for DC fast charging. On an LA to Vegas trip there is a 200kW charger at about halfway. Only Rivian can charge there and the number of available stalls shows up on the pickup’s screen

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Timely post - I just took delivery of my R1T yesterday!

I think it's a bit unfair to say that the Rivian doesn't "drive like a car" and then move the goalposts to "sports car." The R1T is unlike any previous pickup truck I have driven and much closer to the composure and ride comfort of a car (not a sports car). In several important ways I think it does drive better than the I-pace. The I-pace air suspension never seemed totally tuned to the weight of the car and could produce some unpleasant motion that upset passengers. My wife and daughter went out of their way sometimes to avoid riding in the I-pace but have had no qualms about the R1T. Maybe part of that is the I-pace's super-fun throttle tip-in that encourages me to blast off the line! ;)

Otherwise I agree with almost everything you wrote. They are both fantastic vehicles and arguably best-in-class in their respective niches. The I-pace has surprised me with its off-road and poor weather prowess while the Rivian has surprised me with its on-road composure and well-controlled ride.

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I put my Ram Rev deposit down, but I'm having second thoughts on the size of the thing. The I-Pace is around my limit. I'm bummed that Bollinger canceled the B1. That would have been epic.

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The R1T is pretty big, mostly wide feeling, the Ram is going full size. But I will say the Jag is a pretty wide car. I back into my garage and it's a tight squeeze. It's easier in the Rivian due to actually being able to see out the rear window. I really don't like using the camera.

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You mention being stressed about Rivian not existing in the near future. The stress is the same for Jaguar. Low sales, fired CEO, no known new cars or clear vision for the future...

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I just got configuration from Rivian to configure my R1T on Friday. But I really like the R1S better, so i changed my reservation to that--which means i'm back in the queue with all of the rest of last years reservation holders.

I love my i-pace--other than slow charging and the slightly laggy infotainment software. But my car is coming up on its 5 year anniversary in January--and no way in **** an I driving a jaguar out of warranty as that can get very expensive, very quickly. For me the biggest downside--BY FAR--of rivian is the lack of CarPlay--I don't get that--at all.

Jaguar overall really just screwed themselves--they had the first luxury EV on the market--and they've piddled away that lead. New I-Paces charge just as slowly as mine, etc. And it doesn't appear they'll have any sort of an EV out side of the i-pace until 2025 at this point. Would love to stay with the brand--but I think i'm just done at this point.

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I have much much greater hopes for Rivian than for Jaguar. The exception being possibly that "Jaguar" will be bought by the Chinese, just like "MG" was. Which, I guess, would be hope for the brand after all? 🤔
Ahem ... perhaps you haven't heard that JLR was bought a few years ago by Tata, an Indian conglomerate? I believe that Tata is headed by a Parsi family in Bombay (now Mumbai), so it may be in good hands ;)


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Ahem .... I know that JLR is owned by Tata. Which may well sell the Jaguar brand because it has been losing so much money. And btw, I would disagree that Jaguar is in good hands with Tata, given their idiotic non-strategy for electrification.
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