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I-Pace Pamphlet

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Picked this up from the dealer.


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omg is this the hype version to 'educate' the sales people? dumbed down version?
omg is this the hype version to 'educate' the sales people? dumbed down version?
It's a sales/public brochure.
It's interesting that they designed the short OAL as a feature, or at least they are advertising it as such.
it's interesting that they designed the short oal as a feature, or at least they are advertising it as such.
Opps... Overall Length. Jargon.

Few cars point out their length as an advertising feature. A short length makes for easier parking. A short wheelbase can adversely affect handling, but the i-Pace has a long wheelbase.

184" long
118" wheelbase

Model 3
185" long
113" wheelbase

Model S
196" long
117" wheelbase

Model X
198" long
117" wheelbase
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A short wheelbase means quicker reactions, less stability, and a worse ride. A long wheelbase means slower reactions, more stability, and a better ride. The Miata wheelbase is about 90", and I'd say it has good handling. The same applies to front and rear track.

Overall length is generally not a problem with cars in America. My truck is 237" long. That's a lot to deal with. My old 5 series, at 191" was not a problem. Our 500e was 142". That was a cinch to drive around. In my experience, width makes a much bigger difference in ease of driving. With a 500e, a canyon road feels wide. You can move around a lot within in your lane. A 550i on the same road is fun but you're just driving the road. A Model X or a truck requires paying attention to just stay on your own side of the road. At 75" wide, the I-Pace isn't a playful car, but it's not a problem on American roads.

The other day, I loaded 20' lengths of pipe in the back of the truck, using an extension off the hitch and some rope and tape to keep it all secure. I drove the freeway and the canyon, the overall length at 400"+, with a wheelbase of 149". That pipe behind the truck swung WIDE. I did the calculation. 19.5' is my legal limit. I hope the extra 6" isn't too much for the CHP.
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I picked this up too, but then thought... what a waste of paper. Another EV maker killed these off in 2012....

more to the point, what's it cost to make/print these things? Each car has to pay for those. What's the life of that pamphlet? a week? a month? landfill?
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