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I-Pace in Finland

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Yesterday I picked up a yulong white HSE with glass roof, most of the extras such as full leather interior, and mighty 22" summer wheels (and less mighty 20" winter wheels). I used to drive Mercedes for years and traded for Jag from S 500e which I had for 4 years. The first impressions are overwhelming. I gained a decade in age (at least when inside the car ;) ), the finishings are on level if not above, and the road handling is what I have been missing for the last 4 years.

Off topic: A fully loaded Tesla S100P price just went down from €200.000 to €120.000 on 02. March 2019 in Finland. However, this would not have affected my choice: intelligent led lights, heat-pump, window frames in doors, ground clearance, and the looks!

Happy to read experiences here and I try to contribute how the things, e.g., charging facilities progress here up in Scandinavia. Getting the most out of the infotainment will take some time. So far I have not figured out how to adjust the suspension, among others...
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Thank you for sharing your impressions, and congrats on the super car. I share your perspective relative to the Model S. Enjoy!

Mind sharing what winter tires are running on yours? I know the make and model of tire might vary from location to location so i'm just curious.
Welcome to the forum TTL and congrats on your new car. Quite the big transition from your Merc, but I'm sure it wont take you long to learn the nuances of the I-Pace. Any reason why you went with this over the upcoming EQC?
Thanks! The winter tyres are Continental IceContact 2 (with studs) - but I don´t recall the measures. The decision to get the Jaguar was instantaneous after I saw a suitably loaded vehicle available for immediate delivery. EQC does not appeal the eye and has worse specs. E-tron would have been ok but it would have taken at least 6 months to get one. Jaguar dealer also appreciated the Mercedes higher than Audi dealer, the difference being €25.000. 500 km behind, 24 kWh/100 km in average.
About the wheels. The winter wheels have 20" 255/45 profile. That adds up to -8% speedometer/odometer readings. The summer wheels have 22" 255/40 which still will have -5% deviant readings. So the correct sizes would have been 20" 255/55 and 22" 255/45.

Had on Monday morning very challenging weather. Snow snow snow and slush after brisky minus readings, icy railings, new snow, and slush. Had to concentrate heavily in steering. 255 seems just too wide a profile for winter tyres. Although as memory serves, the MB S500e with 245 profile would have handled those conditions much more easily even by being rear wheeler only.

In winter environment (eco-setting) the range is about 300 km. After full charge the display says 340 km.
Some pics here... more to follow!
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