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I Pace home charging

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I Pace is equpped with a 7kw Ac charger.
If I buy a 40 amp 10kw Ac charger is that ok to be used? As a level 2 home charger?
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Yes that will work fine and charge at full power. You will need a 50 amp 240 circuit to power the unit.

Any evse (charger) rated 32 amps or more will charge I-pace at full speed. 32 amps rated only requires 40 amp circuit.

I-Pace charges just fine at lower amps... just takes longer. I frequently charge mine at work at 16 amps, 20 amps or 24 amps at different stations.

At home I use my existing 30 amp unit that was previously used on my LEAF and RAV4 since 2011.
Thank you so much for answering the question. It’s our first time with the Electric Car. Supper excited.
Time2Roll covered it, I’ll just add that BEVs and EVSEs “communicate” on the available power and what the car needs. The charger is in the I Pace, so if you plug to an EVSE with LARGER capacity the cars charger will limit the maximum rate and charge as fast as it can perfectly safely. So larger won’t speed up the rate but has no downside (future proofing). If the EVSE is the limit then the car will simply charge slower.

The L2 plug has a limit of around 7.2 KW, you would have to use the fast charger connector (large units) to get the higher rates.
The L2 plug (J-1772) is designed to handle up to 80 amps.
There are a few charging stations e.g. Clipper Creek made that can deliver high currents.
Not many EV's have higher power chargers. Tesla has a 17.2 kW built in chargers option.
But the onboard AC/DC charger in the I-Pace only put out about 7 kW on current models.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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