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Here are the fuse box locations for the I-Pace.

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To access the frunk fuse boxes, remove the center frunk panel first, then for each of the side panels, remove the large rectangular insert panels near the fronts of them, put your fingers inside near the wing (fender) and pull up and then pull up on the rear of the panel near the hinge. Installation requires ensure the front lip grasp the front metal and the inner sides are under the lip on the frunk box. Note these panel positions before removal.

I compared to i-guide listings. Underhood fuse box 1 is on the left, but the fuses in the box match the fuse box 2 listing. Underhood fuse box 2 is on the right, but the fuses in the box more closely match the fuse box 1 listing. Actual fuses and relays installed may vary depending on vehicle equipment.

Left fuse box. You can see the piping for the ABS brakes at the bottom. 12V aux battery is just off the picture to the left. You can see part of its positive post red cap.
Left fuse box.JPG

Left fuse box fuses and relays
left fuse box fuses and relays.JPG

Right fuse box. You can see the main 12V to the right
right fuse box .JPG

Right fuse box fuses and relays
right fuse box fuses and relays.JPG

bonus picture of the red emergency charge cord release pull ring behind left hinge:
charger emergency pull.JPG

Under no circumstances should you access fuse box 3 immediately behind the frunk storage box. That is for the high voltage system.
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