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I-Pace First Test Drive

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Mr.JWW got to test drive the I-Pace and we get a full out look at it throughout the interior and exterior. They say the interior is very close to what the production will bring.

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One thing you get here that you don't through pictures is the flat floor all throughout the front foot well area which is very visually pleasing. Won't need it at all for storage since all i carry with me is a tablet and phone but I can see how someone starting a family will want a bin i that area.
I absolutely love how flat everything is and you are correct, none of the pictures we've seen captured that at all. Kinda wished we could see the "engine bay" or "Frunk" area as well.
I'm surprised at how spacious the interior looks including the cargo area, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of leg room for the rear passengers. What I haven't noticed until now is the LED light outlining the front air intakes. No detail is overlooked in the i-Pace.
The rear leg room does look a little shy but seems appropriate, maybe it'll have a track that you could pull them back with. But I think those lights on around the bottom grilles would be used for DRL/Turn signal
Apparently, it's not too far removed from the production model so we could be seeing a lot of the concept features in it. Gotta love that trunk open/close button.
Also learned that the hood scoop helps the sir flow over the glass for better aerodynamics, something that is crucial in all EVs.
aerodynamics is definitely a huge thing for EVs... quite happy that the scoop actually looks really darn nice as well. I also thought the button was cool haha! With so much room in there... I would hard pressed not to want to take this on long journeys.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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