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I-Pace faster on the track than any Tesla?

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Jaguar claims to have set a new lap time record for stock electric cars at Laguna Seca. A Tesla P100D recorded a slightly faster time, but was modified for the track. Even with the Tesla's modifications - and far higher price tag - it beat the I-Pace by only about half a second.

Not sure exactly what this means, or whether I care. But it sounds impressive!
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Not sure exactly what this means, or whether I care. But it sounds impressive!
I'm definitely in that camp. When I was a kid the poster-on-the-wall Lambo/whatever was around 5s 0-60, and anything sub-10s was "quick".

I still think 5s is Supercar territory, but now it is commonly available in EV. I don't think having sub-5s is either worth the money, or useful. Sure, I might choose to use it now and again - Demos for mates, or "at the lights" with some loud, polluting, terrible-MPG-consumption :) ICE alongside me ... but that's it.

Get to a junction, with a passenger, and "hop out" into a narrow gap "because you can" and your passenger, particularly if not concentrating, won't thank you ... and cruising along the highway its no help, the passing-speed is already "plenty good enough"

A half-a-car-length victory, and all the headlines and click-bait that it brings, in a sub-2s 0-60 dash is considerably less than the twinkling of an eye. When the 0-60 dash was 10s a half a car length was like night and day ...

So, yeah, save yourself the money and skip the expense of "ludicrous" mode equivalent. Unless you need it (track/whatever) its so rarely useful its just a waste of money. Blinking impressive, from an engineering PoV though. This DragTimes video, from 2016, has P100D doing 2.7s 0-60 in the wet!

Impressive ... but IMHO not useful day-to-day
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2. He's manhandling it. Not a lot of delicacy here.
My thought too. If objective was to set Best Lap Time I would have sent him round again to do a proper job. Tail out and correction on one of the early bends cost him some time for sure.

Each time he ran over rumble-strips I thought he had turned on the i-Pace simulated-engine-noise !
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