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I-Pace European Price Released!

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The I-Pace carries a starting price of €82,000 in Europe and the limited “First Edition” models will sell for around €106,000 each.
Someone from Jalopnik roughly converted it to USD for those in the States.

Back out the 21% VAT and convert to dollars, it looks like:

I-PACE S: $76,400 - 18" wheels, LED headlights, Meridian audio system
I-PACE SE: $83,864 - 20" wheels, adaptive cruise control, leather, power tailgate
I-PACE HSE: $90,387 - 18 way power adjustable seats, surround audio, other stuff
I-PACE First Edition: $98,773 - adds heads up display, air suspension, and sunroof
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Compared to the Porsche Macan Turbo which was my gasoline alternative, this is not bad but how it drives compared to something as sporty as the Porsche is what i'm really after. Seat time is a must.
What SUV's are you comparing it to?
Hope it will be lower of that because the tax credit is for $70,000 in max! At that price I will wait for the Audi Q6 e-tron or goes for sport ICE SUV. MB with the EQ and EQA are on the list or could wait for VW!
Anyway let see in tow month what it will be.
Wasn't aware the tax credit has a maximum vehicle price point. Well the prices were released on € before being roughly converted. Perhaps Jaguar will take the credit into consideration for the entry level model so they can move more I-Paces compared to no credit.
I’m not sure what current conversions, but just as an FYI, when the F-Pace came out, it was priced quite a bit lower in the US than it was basically anywhere else in the world. I preordered one and when pricing was released everybody from the rest of the world was upset at how low pricing in USD was.

Hopefully that trend continues. :)
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