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Some auto publications have already got some hands on time with Jaguar's electric race SUV. Some seem to think that this is the way motorsport is heading, but I think that might be a bit premature. I'm not exactly sure how a completely silent race can be all that exciting, but I guess we'll see.
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Some tracks are already being either retired, or limited operations due to housing encroachment surrounding the track. This has happened to 4 tracks in Southern California so far.
Electric racing will allow more venues and more available dates where noise is the enemy of the hobby racer.

And if you are racing a street car, the laws concerning emissions, noise, and equipment have far less effect on an electric car.

For professional racing, this is not much of problem. They have few tracks and dates they can race at it, and it doesn't matter. They have enough to conduct a racing season.

In any case, the i-Pace could make a fun 'weekend warrior' to run at tracks without smog control and noise issues. I'd like to see something lighter, two seater, with better performance, but those will come at affordable pricing in the next few years. Picture an Electric Corvette at 3,600 pounds. Something like that.
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