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I-Pace can charge at 100kW following update

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Can anyone confirm if the latest software update for faster DC charging has increased the I-Pace's charging rate. It seems that the improvement is mostly when the battery is in a low state of charge, reaching up to 105kW. The tweet from Fastned just went out on Tuesday.
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Looks like an average for 10% to 90% is 80kW. So you can go from nearly empty, to nearly full in 1hr. 1/2 full in 20 minutes?
Posted on March 12 and available 'soon' at the dealer? I would give it two months minimum.
Posted on March 12 and available 'soon' at the dealer? I would give it two months minimum.
Maybe not... I was supposed to get my car back (paint/grill ring blackout, plus S18D Infotainment update - not due to "problems") today and I was told 'key battery management updates' were just announced so they wanted to keep mine until Monday and install them - I asked and Service Manager thought it WAS part of the 100kw charging update. I'll find out soon. FYI, by then I'll likely have as many miles on my loaner FE as I put on my own FE... but both I-Paces have performed (almost) completely flawlessly. Good thing, as I just received the JD Power & Associates survey today. Maybe I'll await receipt of my car with all the new updates before I hop online and take the survey...
Does anyone know if there's sufficient standardization of charging protocols so that an update on the iPace that works for one provider also works for another provider? I seem to remember someone's post where they said that different providers had different protocols and therefore every provider also has to perform an upgrade.
That's what nice about standards, they are so flexible! :D Sorry, old CAD translator joke.

The only company I know of who has public CCS chargers over 100kW is ABB.
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