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I-Pace Battery Layout Won�t Work In Other Segments

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I-Pace Battery Layout Won’t Work In Other Segments

As practical as SUVs are, we can’t expect auto manufacturers to stick with one segment when it comes to electric vehicles. The Jaguar I-Pace is a much anticipated electric SUV, but to better compete globally in the future they may need to release a pure-electric saloon or sports car. Unfortunately, the I-Pace’s battery layout won’t work with anything other than an SUV and maybe crossovers.

Engineers designed the battery pack to fit under a raised floor, which works perfectly with and SUV-shaped body. But vehicles with lower seating positions, like a sports car or a conventional saloon, are a bit trickier as the batteries will have to be spread out in various locations around the vehicle.

“We know that we’ll have to be flexible in how the battery packs are built up. They don’t necessarily need to be a single slab in one area, as long as they’re properly interconnected,” said design director Ian Callum. “So yes, we’re looking at various configurations as we look beyond the I-Pace - particularly to help with the H-point [the height of the occupants’ hips] in the rear seats because that’s really one of the defining areas.”

The electrification team still has some time to work on future electric designs since the I-Pace hasn’t even been revealed yet.
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I always assumed the battery pack was similar to what I've seen in the Bolt, just one large flat piece with thermal tubing running through it. Has Jaguar released battery layout image for the I-Pace yet?
Lucky for us we are just seeing the first of many EV's to come so by time a Jaguar sports car makes it to market, odds are they will be able to pack just as much power or more than the i-Pace in a smaller package.
But a downside to that is we could be in for a long wait while they try to get to that stage.
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