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19 I-pace HSE Polaris/Fuji white with most options and a lot of accessories
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I measured mine.
Test conditions:
2019 Jaguar I-pace HSE
Sienna Tan leather seating
Optional roof sun shade installed, cargo area cover in place.
Climate in automatic mode at 72F
Speeds 0-70 mph
Roads mostly asphalt in various states of wear & tear and disrepair
Weather upper 70s F sunny/cloudy/light rain depending on location
Wind light to variable per Eccles. (Who's going to get the reference without a search?)
Tyres are factory installed Goodyear's on 20-inch wheels with mileage > 18K
Sampling rate 1 second

Gain Express sound level meter SLM-25
Accuracy +- 1.5 dB (ref 94dB @ 1kHz)
Frequency range 31.5Hz to 8kHz

Drove the vehicle on various city streets and interstate.
Sound levels at rest general range 45-47 dB (min 44.6 dB recorded)
Sound levels on interstate general range 65-70 dB (max 70.2 dB recorded)

Meter strapped into place:
Sound meter strapped in.jpg

Spreadsheet data attached for your own review. Saved as a CSV and renamed as TXT to load it here.


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