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Home Charging

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Has anybody been able to get information on the compatible home chargers that can be use in the US? I would guess it would be the standard SAE J1772 but truing to get a head start on the charging install :)
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I'm new to the EV game and this is all new to me. Since the I-Pace can handle 100-kilowatt DC fast charger, I'd assume you can install the top of the line EVSE from Chargepoint or Clipper creek depending on what your home can handle.
I’m not postive but what I have been able to find out is the 100kw chargers are commercial chargers. I recently purchased a 40A/10KW level 2 Charger. I’ll be happy with a 2 hour charge :)
Which brand did you go with? I think I saw a 48 amp one from Clipper Creek, but there's only 3 reviews and that makes me a bit skeptical.
I went with the Juice Box Pro. I have to install the unit in a car port and that seemed to be one built for the environment. Now we just need the I-Pace to test it out :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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