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Hi there!! Just took delivery on my new I-Pace 1st Edition. Traded in my Fisker Karma for it. So, far - loving it! Very cool! Very quick!

(I don't get stopped AS often to answer questions as much as I did with my Karma, but ... In 2 days I have been stopped twice!)

Learning very fast. If you have questions, I'm happy to answer if I know, and go find out if I don't. I usually pick up on all the ins & outs of a car quite quickly. Happy to have resources to share experience with, too. With new technology, this kind of group is crucial!!


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Congrats! Awesome!

I have to share a story quick story here. I have test-driven the iPace both around town and on a cone track, but I had never seen one in the wild until today. I just noticed an unusual and cool looking car out of the corner of my eye and thought "what's that cool car" until I realized it was an iPace. It was an FE in Photon Red, looking badass.
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