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Happy to have joined the fun

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Just received the confirmation of my I Pace order here in sunny Southern California. My order has been accepted and I am now in the "holding Pool" whatever that means. The dealer tells me I am the 4th person to put down a 5K deposit. I was also told I "might get delivery in this calendar year". I ordered a Silver HSE with black interior and most of the options. Really looking forward to an electric vehicle. We have 2 gas cars now a pearl white MB550e and a sapphire black BMW535gt. The beemer is plenty roomy and fast, but is 7 years old and out of warranty, and starting to break down with only 65k miles. The MB is fine, luxurious, fast and reliable, we will use it on longer trips. I hope the I Pace is on the same scale of quality as my e-class interior. I really Hope so, because it costs More! I am buying sight unseen, as the dealers don't' even know when they will receive demo cars. My dealers sales people are going to I Pace training in June, so I suspect they will have demo cars around that time.

Here is So-Cal there are a ton of Teslas. The new 3 is starting to show up in ever increasing numbers on the streets. I like the was it looks better than the S. I like the functionality of the Tesla X, but don't' care for the "egg" shape and the funky doors. Telsa also has great service here (service center)and service vans, and they seem to need it. The S is now old hat here, with a lot used ones for sale, and the X has lost it's Cache. The 3 is the car to have even at 55k, but I need a crossover like my 535gt. I haul a fair amount of gear locally, and the I Pace looks like it fits the bill. The Tesla is great tech company with a so-so car, I am wondering if Jaguar will be a great car company with so-so tech. I am not a Musk Fan Boy and I think it has hurt Teslas credibility to have him so visible at the helm. I won't own a Tesla because I don't care for the cult like attitude and the cult leader. I do admire the engineers though. I also like the superchargers and the fact they keep updating the older cars with the latest tech, sometimes at no charge to the current owners. I see Jaguar has plans to update software over the air like Telsa, but Tesla is updating the Hardware too!

Looking forward to learning a lot here, and looking forward to driving my I Pace.--electro


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Congrats. Basically the holding pool means as soon as the dealers receive their allotted allocations they will be able to submit their orders. I ordered mine on 3/6 and in the same status. There is still no ETA as to when allocations will begin.
questions for dealer

Thanks Jagpa I appreciate the info. I had a lot of questions for my salesman to take to the dealer. Like>>>
What is the companies plan is for this car having an autonomous driving capability. Right now it looks like it's level 2, and could go to level 3. Is it level 3 capable? Can it achieve level 4? I did order the surround cameras for 900.00-- please ask if these are used in any type of vehicle control of autonomous driving, and will Jaguar be able to install future updates for autonomous driving capability.

> It seems that on top of playing fake sounds at high speed (can you turn this off?), the car also plays external sounds at low speeds for pedestrians based on laws in Europe. We don't have those laws here, so this “feature” should also have a way to turn it off here in the US. I understand its annoying inside the car when going slow. Not as bad as a back-up beeper on trucks but similar.

> The panoramic sunroof is included. Is it fixed or can it open? Is there a sunshade? You would think with that much glass it needs one. If not why not?

> Also it seems a good amount of time is spent at charging stations waiting for the car to charge. 4g Wi-Fi connectivity hot spot is a must, is it included?

> The spare tire option-does it go Below the cargo floor or on top of cargo floor? The description seems to say it's on top in a bag.

>Does the I pace have auto dimming headlights? .
> Also please ask if they plan to bring the Lighted front end growler emblem to the US like they have in Europe.
> Also on the subject of charging, the I Pace has 1- 7kw A/C on board charger. Teslas have 2-10kw on board chargers so they are able to charge a lot more quickly. As fast charging stations are sprouting up all over, this limits the I Pace, or does it?. Will the company be able to retro fit another 7kw charger on board, or up the capacity of the existing one? Hopefully he comes back with answers I can share. Electro
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Awesome questions. Let us know if they respond ?
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