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I purchased the one hour access to the Topix details on the H264 campaign (it cost me $11.83 US dollars for one hour access, I simply saved the web page contents as a PDF file on my computer so I have the details after the one hour access expires). The details in the campaign provide the VIN range that H264 applies to, specifically:

I-PACE (X590) 2019-2020 VIN Range F60001-F90049

So, anyone purchasing a new I-Pace, if the last 6 digits of your VIN are in the range shown above your car DOES NEED the H264 campaign applied. If your dealer is indicating the car does not need the H264 update they need to provide you proof that they actually applied the update, otherwise they do not understand the VIN range impacted by the campaign.

Also, NOTE the following language in the H264 campaign notice:

Retailers are required to HOLD affected new vehicles that are within your control and refrain from releasing the vehicles for new vehicle sale pending completion of the procedure(s) detailed in this Technical Bulletin. Unsold vehicles should have this performed as part of the Pre- Delivery Inspection (PDI) process but must have it completed prior to vehicle handover to the customer.
Affected vehicles already in the hands of customers should be updated at the next available opportunity.

So, any dealer claiming that there is no such thing as the H264 campaign, or indicating a car does not not need this campaign for any VIN in the range noted above, simply is not up to date on the campaign and the expectations of JLR for ensuring the car is up to date prior to going to the end customer.

And by the way I am located pin the USA and I have verified with Topix that clearly indicates the campaign is available for my car, so do not let any dealer in the USA tell you that there is no such campaign, or that your car does not need this campaign if your VIN falls in the range noted above. The H264 campaign hit the UK and apparently Europe prior to release in the USA (and it appears as if Canada gained access to the campaign concurrent with the USA gaining access to the campaign).
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Thanks! My VIN is F7****, so I am affected. I called our local Land Rover dealer, and they told me my car with the latest "19C" update is all that is needed. I guess many dealers either do not know about the H264 update, or simply do not want to do it :(
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