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Greetings from La La Land!

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Hello all,

New to this forum. Wanted to get as much information and user experience from other would be Jaguar i-Pace owners. I'm currently slugging though a daily 50 mile commute in Los Angeles traffic on a Audi A3 e-tron. My lease will be up in December 2018. I was hoping there would be more BEV choices when I return the car. I guess not! My criteria for an all electric car is being able to drive from LA to Palm Springs and back without worrying about hunting for charging stations. I guess my choices are very limited! Chevy Bolt (nah); Tesla Model 3 (long waiting list and possibly losing the federal tax credit since Tesla is almost up to 200K in EV deliveries); Tesla Model S or X (too big more, more expensive, and ubiquitous in SoCal) or the Audi quattro e-tron (not really an option since supposedly out late 2019).

Hopefully, the i-Pace will fit the bill. I still haven't ordered it or put down-payment. I kinda wanted to see it in the showrooms or in-person first. BTW, what is the difference between putting down a deposit, pre-ordering and ordering. My local dealer said $3,000 is their required deposit. I'm looking at the SE model since that seems to come standard with Drive Package and auto-dimming side mirrors (a must for me).

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They should hit the showrooms by late July. First US deliveries will be after EU deliveries so reading euro reviews could help.

I have a hunch that 240 miles EPA Combined is being cautious. It has a 90kWh battery and Permanent Magnet motors, with a much smaller CdA (total aero drag) than the Model X which has induction motors.

Your best range will probably be on 18" wheels. You might want to find self-sealing Eco tires for it. Runflats get poor mileage in general as do low profile tires.
Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that you're interested in purchasing an EV! In terms of premium models, options are still relatively limited, and imo the I Pace seems to be of much greater value than what's being offered from Tesla, BMW, Audi or MB. It doesn't look like any of their upcoming EV's will be able to match the range or price of the I Pace.
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