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Glass Roof

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Think Jaguar offer the glass roof as an option? Not so much the glass pattern but just opening up the roof to let more light in makes the cabin feel larger. I was thinking of the Bolt and how the concept had something similar but it never made it to production. Such a pity.

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Could be offered on a different trim level perhaps? Something on the "premium" model opposed to the base/mid-range ?
Tesla is already doing this and Jaguar being in a position to directly rival them should provide some reason to do it. But that all depends on how Jaguar wants to play this because for all we know they might want to undercut Tesla and in the process not get fancy.
Won't be hard for Jaguar to undercut the Model X even with a pano roof, but if that's not possible I wouldn't mind seeing a panoramic front windshield or a two panel sunroof.
The 75D starts at $87k ? I can't see Jaguar pricing the I-Pace further down from that region. With everything it's coming with performance wise, it outperforms the 75D and the 90D at that.
That all depends on how Jaguar decides to go about this which for all we know might be through offering various trims that in them offer different ranges.

After all, it's the first time we'll see anything like this from JLR.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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