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Front noise suspension. -TOPIX update

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Just a FYI for those of you waiting on the fix for the front noise suspension , the TOPIX has been updated to state that the parts will be available starting 2019 week 4.
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Ive posted this already in a couple different strings. I can’t figure out how to not double and triple the same post. But here it is, again;

800+ miles and I’m sitting in waiting room of dealership. I was offered a loaner but they said if I could hold on for an hour or two they’d know more. Didn’t really want a loaner as I was hoping to drive iPace to beach. This would be my 3rd road trip that involved looking for charge stations. I’ve planned the trip and have it preloaded in Nav system. With all that said I’m here because of driver’s side strut noise when rolling over speed bumps. Someone mentioned a possible bulletin but service advisor didn’t show one. They did show an update for the temperature control. He said it would take an hour and advised to just wait for that.Ill let you know how it goes.

And the follow up to that post;

Sorry again for the double post. But here is the dealers service ticket. The numbers don’t match, but they are close. A little frustrating that if the strut problem was reported in December and I didn’t take delivery until January 7th, that it wasn’t resolved before hand off. It set down in port for a couple weeks while they replaced the seat sensor, but missed the strut change.

Along with service advisor write up shown attached


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@fedorachef I’m waiting on parts for the front strut issue and saw your post. How long did they have your car? I was wondering about your software updates also.

Struts replaced

Just got mine back after 4 days in shop. Would have only been 3 but the service advisor who was handling mine quit and the ball got dropped. Anyway no more noise. The parts were listed at over $3000. Must be nice struts.
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