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Front noise suspension. -TOPIX update

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Just a FYI for those of you waiting on the fix for the front noise suspension , the TOPIX has been updated to state that the parts will be available starting 2019 week 4.
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I too am waiting for a call to perform a strut replacement.
The dealer did confirm there are some parts need to be replaced, but
have not heard yet.
Has anyone had this work done?:frown2:
I literally just got the phone call from my dealer that my new front struts came in today. They are installing this Thursday.
New front struts were installed on Thursday. Service manager said his tech test drove and noise is gone. They still have my car fixing other items. They also said they did a bunch of software updates which took them almost a whole day. Said updates fix a long list of items and they want to review and test some items with me next week when I pick up.
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@fedorachef I’m waiting on parts for the front strut issue and saw your post. How long did they have your car? I was wondering about your software updates also.

I just got my car back yesterday and had dropped it off last Thursday. I had other work done besides struts and software so your appt shouldn't be as long as mine if your just doing struts. R&R for both front struts was about two hours. Software updates is unfortunately a painful process for the techs and they are instructed not to do updates unless the customer reports specific software problems. I spent a number of hours with the shop foreman yesterday who is technically the only one trained to work on the I-Pace. He mentioned others would be trained soon. He also received his training months before the car was even available to see or touch so he's basically having to remember everything from training and touch the car for the first time. I worked as an auto mechanic in a few shops previously, still wrench here and there, before getting into software development and man I couldn't imagine just being lectured and reading books, but not actually doing the work. Most of my learning was from being hands on. Anyway, he appreciated that I could relate and share tips so we both learned a number of things.

My battery software was updated(foreman said it was latest released end of Jan), and telematics (14.2 from 13.2), and infotainment (S18D_18.47.5-269316). He updated Pathfinder and checked for new software again to see if 15.2 telematics was available, but no luck.

The first day the software updates took almost the entire day. Pathfinder craps out often and there were a some fault codes triggered, but their not legitimate problems so they have to be cleared out one by one. One fault was caused by a system file not installing properly. Biggest update was battery software. I just saw a bunch of code versions which didn't provide any useful info to us and you can't see an actual version from the car's UI or in the Pathfinder program. He did mention he saw a note that this update should fix the delayed charging problem. I'm still having problems where I can't set preconditioning or period charging from my phone so I couldn't test that and haven't tried to set delayed charging manually in the car. Honestly, I don't have a need for it.

I also inquired about the availability of OTA updates. Foreman said they weren't given any info on that, but service manager said they were told it was available and that JLR just hasn't pushed any updates out.

I'm wondering if the battery software update fixed anything with displayed estimated range or efficiency algorithm because I've noticed a couple of changes. Granted there's not really been any testing done on my side, just the same o'l commute from the dealer to my home roughly 46 miles. This morning my car is showing higher estimated range, 217 miles, with SOC at 100%. I've never seen that high and have been seeing realworld range of 160-180 with displayed estimated range from 185-200 at 100% charge. I also noticed my trip home showed 36 kWh/100 miles and I've never seen it that low, however, at least half my drive home was stop and go traffic so maybe that is why.

Think I'll go on a drive today to test out range more.
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I thought 15.2 was only released in the Europe market, specifically the Netherlands? Would be good to know if anyone in north america has 15.2 installed.
Odd he could not find 15.2, several others have had it installed.

As for the range estimate, I would expect that to reset to factory default with the upgrade. It will re-adjust for your driving in short order
I haven't seen anyone in USA that has it installed. Foreman told me if I found someone who had it to ask what dealer installed and he would contact them to understand how they did it.
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