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Priced to sell at $45k. No accident. Not a lemon/buy back. Clean title. No lien, title in hand. Never applied for the California HOV sticker, might be beneficial for some people. Currently has 34,XXX miles. In service date of March 2020 so warranty is good until March 2025. Recently replaced the 12V start up battery and AUX battery last month. Comes with all season floor mats and a brand new unopened set of floor mats.

Still looks great and a head turner after 5 years from launch. Unfortunately I have to part way with my car. Either through trade-in 3+ weeks but would like to see it go to a forum member than can appreciate it. It has the rare performance seats. Has latest updates. Here's a shot from recent road trip charging at Electrify America at over 100kW.

PM if interested or have questions. See Monroney Label below for all the options included.

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Well we're sorry to see you go but that car looks like a winner to me with all the excellent features like the seats and the adaptive cruise with steer assist, which I both love. Prospective buyers, if you're new to the forum, please be aware that you can't PM if you haven't posted, but if you raise your hand here @Tomato can PM you.

Hope this gem finds a good home!
Thanks. I will surely miss it. Just a quick update on the price and mileage: $45k and 34k miles.

If interested, why not join the forum, drop a reply and I'll PM you 馃槃
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