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First significant(?) problem

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I’m at 4600 miles and haven’t had anything other than the minor, common, infotainment issues that have never persisted. Today the car was acting a little unusual in that although the temps were in the single digits (1-7 degrees Fahrenheit) I was see fuel economy that I normally see when the temps are 15-20 degrees warmer. I had several trips of 15-20 miles with consumption of ~50kWh/100 miles! What a great surprise for me.

I pulled into the full hockey arena parking lot and had to wait a few minutes with the car ‘on’ for a spot to open up. As I started to pull forward, moving no more that 5 feet, the car suddenly shuddered, went from ‘D’ to ‘P’ and jerked to a stop, with the dash flashing like a manic Christmas tree. I turned the car off, restarted it and had a Traction Battery Fault Detected, pull over safely, reduced performance, message on the screen. I put it in ‘D’ and slowly moved into the parking spot with the car shaking and shuddering the whole time.

I shut the car down, went inside, got my son dressed for his game. Went back out to the car about 20 minutes after I had parked it, started it up and everything is back to ‘normal’. Drove it around the parking lot with no evidence of any problems...

Keeping my fingers crossed it was an odd, one-off software error vs. a legitimate mechanical failure.
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FWIW, I intermittently get Drivetrain errors in my Touareg. When I go into the system to retrieve the fault codes it's invariably "intermittent communication" or "implausible signal" kind of stuff from drivetrain sensors. Sometimes I have to actively clear the fault, sometimes they go away upon restart. In an EV, I'm not surprised that they choose to slap it into Park; can't really do that with an ICE transmission. So I would think that this is nothing mechanical/drivetrain, but as you say just software or a sensor brain freeze. Keeping fingers crossed regardless!
My Motorola phone keeps saying it has no SIM card even though it does and I can make calls. Bong a few times a day. Annoying.
You might get your return wish after all :) sounds like you might argue a lemon law issue jk
You might get your return wish after all [img= class=inlineimg]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] sounds like you might argue a lemon law issue jk
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