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First all-electric

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Maybe it's because of the recent hype when it comes to electric vehicles, but I want to drive around in an all electric vehicle and bypass those pesky gas station lineups.

There's of course the Tesla Model S and X, but they are so expensive I just can't see myself getting either one. The I-Pace will undoubtedly cost quiter a bit, but it won't be anywhere near the Model X.

Looking forward to seeing the production model.
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If you think Teslas are expensive then you might be in for a shock with this I-Pace. Jaguars aren't exactly cheap and this one is projected to sell around as much as a Tesla. But that's just speculation at this point, however things are adding up and giving weight to that idea.

What expectations/wants do you have from the production model if any?
What are you currently driving around in?
Hard to ignore the concern for pricing from OP, that being the case whatever OP owns isn't nearly as nice as the I-Pace or similar products offered today.
You are aware of the Model 3, correct? It was HALF the price of my S, and goes farther, is faster to 60, and has auto pilot...
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