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Some cars have an additional "rivet" in the liner inches above where the flap stud goes. Access is from the wheel well. It is supposed to be removable by using a Philips screw driver to back out the screw thus allowing the rivet to be pulled out.

In my case, that screw just turned and turned requiring the stud to be pried out (a small nail removal pry tool works or drill the head off). It may break. It won't be reusable if you can't get it out gracefully. Replacement part number is C2S9354020. One per side.

Tools you need:
- 7mm socket or wrench for the lower bolts (1/4 inch drive will do)
- 10mm socket (preferably deep socket) for the stud nut (1/4 inch drive will do)
- pointy tool (such as an awl)
- large channel lock pliers
- Philips screw driver to fit replacement rivets (if equipped)
- disposable gloves for when applying the adhesion promoter. Have both sides prepared for this at the same time.
- Use a 9/32 drill bit for a slightly smaller hole than 5/16 (8mm). The stud fits much better.

I did not have any problems reinstalling the lower screws. Their length is fine.
I did use an awl to align the mud flap holes, reinforcing bracket 'G' holes, and liner u-nuts to make it easy to install the lower bolts.
I used the large channel lock pliers to squeeze the clips 'F' together.

Additional tip is to use a tape measure to measure location of stud on flap relative to flap wheel well edge, outer edge and locating tab. Use this to double check the marking before drilling the hole.

If you have the rivets and destroy them with out handy replacements, you can still install the mud flaps and install replacement rivets later. A suitable replacement could be purchased at a local auto part store, too.
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