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The I-pace and I just completed our first road trip - a 992 mile round trip from PA to Montreal. Thought I would share a few comments on the trip;

1. Charging options across up-state NY were a concern planning this trip. Found a fast charger at the Adirondack Welcome Center on northbound I-87 at Glen Falls that was free - thanks NY. I was able to fully charge and make it to Montreal with 11% to spare.
2. With the up and downs of the high peaks region and the NY State Troopers there was no reason to hurry. Cruise set at 65, steering assist on, and enjoying the drive.
3. Montreal is a very EV friendly region. Loved the L2 chargers scattered around the downtown and neighborhoods. Especially loved the fast charger under the downtown Doubletree hotel and mall complex.
4. Greenlots fast charging at the service stations between NY and Albany worked fine.

As others on this forum have pointed out a long road trip in the Jag is not for those who wish to get there quick, but that said the enforced longer breaks made the driving less tiring and more enjoyable. Probably won't do this again until the Spring since the Glen Falls to Montreal run (165miles) and cold weather may be a mile too far.
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