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I've been through 19x, 20x and 21x releases of infotainment InControl Touch Pro Duo on my 2019 cat. At no time has the "Game Seek" ever worked. I complained to Jaguar Customer Care (or whatever they are called these days) and was told to take it to the dealer. Yeah right. What can they do? They're not even going to be open most times when the team search should find a game.

My 16 Range Rover has this function and it works perfectly. What did they break? Why won't they fix it?

Here you see that I have activated the feature.
Font Rectangle Communication Device Gadget Display device

A game display shows with the teams
Product Rectangle Font Gadget Display device

Saving the Cardinals to the team list only saves "St. Louis", and Chicago Cubs gets saved as Chicago.
Product Gps navigation device Communication Device Gadget Font

At no time do I get notification of a game about to start, or a game in progress when I power up the car. My Range Rover never fails to notify me and ask if I want to tune to the game.

I'm betting this doesn't work due to the "MY TEAMS" only having the city names and failing to save the full team name. Both St. Louis and Chicago have multiple teams that would play games covered on Sirius XM channels. Saving and comparing only the city name to a full team name is not going to get an exact match.

Anyone have different experiences? If it works for you, what team(s) did you save and what shows up for "MY TEAMS" list?
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