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Displaying Song and Artist While on Sat Radio?

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I sort of mentioned this in another thread. Is there any way to change what is displayed either in the gauge cluster or the lower screen so that it shows the song AND artist? I only get the song displayed right now and if I want to see who the song is by I have to click the media display - which isn't horrible unless you're using Car Play and have to go through multiple screens to get there.

Hoping it's another simple thing I missed like how to adjust the backup camera!
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Yes. This is something I've noticed on nearly EVERY Satellite radio. They ALWAYS dedicate tons of screen space or whatever information to the channel name (who cares? once you program it your favorites, I don't care if I'm on Classic Rewind or Classic Vinyl!!) ... Song Title & Band Name are the things you're gonna want information about, and should be visible on EVERY media screen/output!
So no way yet to change what's displayed eh?

Blah, another minor annoyance! :)
Yes. We've lived with AM/FM radios for decades who used to rarely announce this information anyway. Just hoping to influence future programmers.
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