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Dealer visit for Charging bugs:

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Came in with 18C, 14.2, N/C Battery. Left with the same according to the car display.
They reset virtually everything in the car, including passwords, Self Steering turned off, etc.
No positive change for the car. Even had a Black Screen for the first time in 3500 miles after I left.
Did not test if the charging cap is still 84kW but I doubt it it changed since highest charging selection remains at 500vdc x 200 amp (84kW max).

When asked about 19A, 15.2, or a battery update, they said they only do what JLR tells them to.

What they changed:

1) 4276 BECM update...per ssm74191 (this doesn't show on the console) customer states Time Delay Charging malfunctions.

2) GATEWAY MODULE UPDATE - PERFORM RECALL - 869805 CONFIGURE GATEWAY MODULE - 1712 WJ4- AUTH CODE: H193A* - performed h193 service action update.

3) Checked TRACTION BATTERY FAULT reported by car at 1076 miles. No stored codes found with Pathfinder, no action taken.

If anything was fixed by this service, I cannot tell. All pre-existing problems remain, except TBF @ 1076mi never recurred in over 3300 more miles.

Required 1.5 days in service. Required about 1.5 hrs to get all my settings back to where they came from. It still cannot correctly identify chargers. Reports chargers under construction as available, stored CCS ChargePoint charger unlisted as well as others. Plugshare, Apple Maps, and Google Maps are a better source for correct information. Map update Feb 14, 2019.
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Oh my goodness how frustrating. Well I'm on day 1 of them having my I-pace in the shop...after only had it at home for 8 days. Service said they won't even look at it for at least 1.5 weeks, and they were out of loaners so I'm driving a Hyundai Tuscon indefinitely. I really hope they can fix these issues soon because I just don't want to have to down the lemon law road or start having arguments with the dealership about a buyback. But I've definitely never bought a car before (even 1st gen vehicles) that had so many problems so soon. So bummed. Whenever I get the car back I'll report on what version it's on and if they fixed the issues and how.
In my case, when they told me they'd have the car for over a week, at first I left it, then I called them and picked it back up. And I drove it.
3500 miles later, I decided to bring it back again. That was Wednesday. Meh.

So if don't give it time to boot, or have the cellphone plugged into the USB during boot, 10% of the time it will have a black screen event.

I hope they fix it. But I'm having fun waiting.>:)
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