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Corroded engine connector ?

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I just came back from workshop (EV specialized, but not JLR) for my yearly break cleaning routine. When I picked the car the technician brought my attention to the battery-engine connector on the rear engine. He showed my that there is some dust/salt/corrosion on the connector on the engine side. I immediately thought about the bad harness from Toyota and the RAV4 prime AWD. The one that are severely corroded, that cause a lot of trouble for a lot of RAV4 owners, and Toyota refuses to the take its responsibility on it. Could be surperficiel too. I don't know. Anyone noticed this ?

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that encrustation seems to be dried salt and dirt. I can see very slight rusting on a dome head torx bolt. I would suggest some hot water and an old tooth brush could clean this up nicely.:giggle:
Cheers, Steve
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