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Corroded engine connector ?

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I just came back from workshop (EV specialized, but not JLR) for my yearly break cleaning routine. When I picked the car the technician brought my attention to the battery-engine connector on the rear engine. He showed my that there is some dust/salt/corrosion on the connector on the engine side. I immediately thought about the bad harness from Toyota and the RAV4 prime AWD. The one that are severely corroded, that cause a lot of trouble for a lot of RAV4 owners, and Toyota refuses to the take its responsibility on it. Could be surperficiel too. I don't know. Anyone noticed this ?

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Do you have to take off the center plastic underbody panel to see that? Btw that panel is mighty flimsy, but I bet it would cost $850 to replace haha.
I'll take a look tomorrow when I get a chance
I don't know. When I came in to pay, the technician call me . He wanted to show me this. I guess it is protected. Can't imagine the rock, snow, etc can reach that part without protection.
Too dark to check outside now.
I just crawled under at offroad height and arg couldn't get the panel off because one of the freaking cheap screw tabs was stuck aaaahhh I hate cheap tabs and screws!!!
Last time I had that cover off to install the hitch, was when the car was new. No corrosion is visible now with the cover installed. We don't ever drive in the snow. Last time we had a big one was back in '93. A hurricane met a cold front.

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that encrustation seems to be dried salt and dirt. I can see very slight rusting on a dome head torx bolt. I would suggest some hot water and an old tooth brush could clean this up nicely.:giggle:
Cheers, Steve
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