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Corris Grey vs. Silicon Silver

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Hi guys

The order for my new I-Pace is signed but I still have 4 weeks to change the color before she goes into production.
I ordered Corris Grey but I also like Silicon Silver... though decision for me :confused:

Which of these two colors are your favorites?

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Yes, it's a tough one picking a colour.

I went to the Geneva Motor Show to see the i-Pace and the car Jaguar chose to let everybody maul was in Corris Grey, so that decided it for me - If Jaguar chose Corris for the stand, they likely consider it the best colour. Or am i missing something?

Subjective of course, one person's Corris is another person's Silicon..................

I had the chance to compare the two Colors on real cars a few weeks ago and prefered Corris Grey.
It suits the I-Pace much better that Silicon Silver IMHO.
Definitely think you went with the better color between those two options. But I think you'll be hard pressed to find a color that the I Pace looks bad in aha. The Corris Grey looks pretty similar to a gunmetal, which is one of my favourite finishes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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