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Clunking noise when putting it in reverse

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Just started today. Car was off, parked. I hit the start button. Foot on the brake, I hit the R and CLUNK and the car lurched a tiny bit. Happened to me twice today? Never had that happen ever since I got it about a month ago. Should I be worried or just a thing?
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Maybe the transmission was under strain because when you put it in Park you were ever so slightly going forward, and Park locked that in. When you hit R, the strain was released. I think I've had that happen a couple of times. However, don't take my word for it. You can test it, and it may not apply to your situation. Definitely not to be taken lightly if it continues to happen without explanation.
I'm sure it's not necessary, but I've developed the habit of lowering the suspension after I pull in my driveway or a parking lot. The car does a good job of releasing tension if you put it in park while in ride height on level ground, but I've had it bind up a bit when, for example, I park on a hill with the brakes under tension when I put it in park and the car lowers, or when I pull in to the driveway and my wife hops out of the stopped car while it's in drive with the brake pedal engaged and it drops the suspension in response to the door opening. I can just let off the brake for a moment before putting it in park or turning off the car and the tension is released.*

Again, this is totally unnecessary. If you live in a hilly area, then the brakes/transmission are under more strain from simply parking on an incline. I'm prone to developing overly complicated Rube Goldberg processes for the simplest tasks.

Having said that, perhaps the OP can try lowering the car manually before parking and see if that stops this behavior.

* I may have finally discovered an actual benefit for OPD.
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So far nothing today. Maybe it was just a fluke but I will update if happens again.
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