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I was told by the JLR person that although Global Closing of the windows using the key fob (holding the lock button on the fob for 3 seconds) is mentioned in the manual it is disabled in the US (and perhaps other countries) because of safety reasons. I guess the concern is that you could accidentally close the windows on a child or a pet you left in the car with the windows cracked? (Which is probably a bad idea to to begin with)
I do believe you can lock the car and close all the windows remotely using Jaguar Remote app, so I don't know how that jives with the safety concern.
I had never used either feature, so decided to give it a try. The key fob does lower all 4 windows, but like you stated, it doesn’t raise them.

The remote app simply tells you if they are open. The only action that can be performed is to lock/unlock the doors
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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