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Climate control getting hot

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This was something that I observed on two recent drives. I had a long round trip to a doctor's appointment and I noticed that the circular climate controls for temperature and fan and seat heater setting get hot uncomfortably hot after a while. It was about 60 miles one way so hundred 20 round trip and I noticed the climate control getting hot to the touch too hot actually on the way home. Ambient temperature outside the car was 40 to 50 degrees on way there and 50 to 60 degrees on way home. I have the sync on so this was the driver climate control the only one being adjusted.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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Very strange, indeed! I have a few longer drives coming up, I'll make a note to check. But my sense is that something electrical is going wrong in or beneath the control knob . . . in which case, unfortunately, you might need to get that checked out. If it were just the knob getting warm in due course, I'd expect other folks would have noticed it by now.
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