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I’ve connected to a CCS EU socket
There are many factors:

1) What is your starting state of charge?
2) What is the ambient temperature?
3) How do you read the charge rate? How do you know what it is?
4) How long did you keep the car connected to the fast charger? It should change over the first few minutes?
5) What is the maximum rate available from the charger? CCS EU socket is a connector type, the maximum charge available is determined by the station AND the car. The I Pace SHOULD be able to pull as much as 80 KW or so, but if the charger can supply less than that is what will determine it. That socket can provide anything UP TO 80 KW.
6) How many different charging stations have you tried?

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Trying to answer your questions:
1) around 40 to 50%;
2) between 14°C to 22°C;
3) on the EV station;
4) when I plug in the CCS EU socket the EV station doesn't recognise the car. Start looping and doesn't start charging.
5) 50KW, DC, 125A, 400V;
6) I've tried a lot, more than 10

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The car must show the white light to signal that it's ready to accept the charging connection.

For me:

Pull up to the CCS, turn off car, open charge door and make sure the handle will reach. Do not plug in.
Follow instructions on CCS, normally, select power type if CHAdeMO / CCS, then normally the payment step.
Provide payment by cellphone app of the provider, or Credit Card, or RFID card of provider.
It will tell you to plug in and/or to press START.
Press UNLOCK on your keyfob to get the white light.
Plug in.
Press START on CCS if required.
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