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Charge remaining is stuck

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Anyone had this problem? We were driving 120 miles. Full charge at 228 (and very slow, using an adapter with the Tesla charger). While driving the charge remaining kept decreasing as it should but when it got to 95 miles it stopped and continued to show 95 until we reached our destination. Obviously not good. Any suggestions/thoughts?
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Was the percentage meter working OK and the bar graph?

If I understand it correctly:
You were heading out to go on a 120 mile trip with a 100% charge.
The car estimated 228 miles when you started out.
The range stopped moving as you approached the destination.
You arrived and the estimated range was 95 miles.

The estimate doesn't seem far off if the % was ~45% left.

(When I tested the Tesla Model 3 UMC with the TeslaTap adapter, I registered 8% per hour using the 14-50 pigtail, 240v x 32a)
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Other thought:

If you encountered a tailwind or elevation change between the first segment and last segment of your trip, the range meter would get more pessimist at first, and get more optimistic as you drive.
Charge and drive another day and see what it says.
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