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Charge period in incontrol app

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Does anyone know how to reset (turn off) the charge period in the inctrol app?
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I have never touched my Charge Period and it seems to be set by default to
Start Time 00:00
End Time 23:45 (11:45pm)

I guess that basically makes it charge whenever its plugged in. But i cannot locate a reset / Off button. Im on Android.
Ok thanks - just couldn’t remember if there was a default setting before I messed with it.
I'm totally convinced that it doesn't work. At 8:00 PM, I set mine to start at 4:00 AM (so that I could unplug at 7:00 with around 75% charge). I even saw the start time on the car screens. 40 minutes later, I saw in the app that the car was already charging and had gone up 5% already. So, it started right away.
When I first played with it, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I think I turned off something in the car to make it quit and now it's all good.
Jaguar was really clumsy with the charging software and technology. If it was stable, I would not have bought a 'smart' Juicebox L2 EVSE. All my L2 chargers were 'dumb' and I didn't trust JLR's software enough.

In My Opinion:

  • The Charge Indicator Light should show you what the status is all the time. Instead it goes off after 10 seconds. Blinking could tell you State Of Charge like Morse code.
  • Locking feature should be a software option. No need for it in your garage. One more thing to go wrong on a snowy day.
  • Included charge cable should have been L1/L2 convertible so you could use RV plugs. Got to hand it to Tesla for winning that comparison. The Prototype I-Pace did have a L1/L2 cable, just not retail cars.
  • Only your home charger should be Delayed Charging. GPS location charging.
  • Robust Departure Time based Charging, not the cryptic and unpredictable system now in place.
  • Climate and Charging are two different things. Keep them separate. If my cheap electricity ends at 7am, but am not leaving until 10am today, don't heat the car, just charge it.
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